Windridge Wild Mountain Time, born July 29, 2017


Pedigree: Willow’s Pedigree

Willow was Scottie’s pick from the Nature Litter; and I co-own her with him. She is pure sweetness, much like her older sister Fontana. However, she is more confident, driven, and spunky than Fontana. Willow loves to be with me, and she is VERY smart. If I reward something once, she will never forget. She has a nice darker golden coat with lighter feathering, an athletic build, and a wonderful knowing expression. She is tiny and is my “pocket Golden” so to speak. I don’t think she will top 40 pounds at maturity.

She has shown unexpected natural ability and is currently my project dog for training and working. She and I have bonded extremely tightly, and every training session with her is a true joy.

Willow was rehomed in an amazing pet home. It was so hard for me to do I could not even handle updating. She is one of the best dogs I have ever owned. One of her hips was good, but the other was questionable/borderline. This is not a dysplastic rating, but it’s not something I’d breed. I thought of keeping her as a pet and athlete (her health should never be affected), but ultimately decided she deserves her own life.

Updated Willow pictures (6-8 months old):

Willow’s puppy pictures: