Windridge I Ate The Homework – “Vindicate” or “Vindi” for short


DOB: 7/11/18


Known as Slurpee when he was born (because of his birth date), he was my instant pick at birth. This has not changed. While I have considered placing him in a sport home, I have chosen to most likely grow him out. If he is everything I think/hope he is, then he will stay. I love a truly outstanding golden male, and I think he could be just that. Look for this gorgeous dark golden boy as he grows up. He reminds me a great deal of my beloved Willow, his aunt. I miss her so much, even though she is doing very well. Little Vindi has big paws to fill, to be sure! Let’s see if this driven, clever boy, who has already picked me, can do just that. Like his littermate Apple, he is clear of genetic diseases currently tested for in the breed by parentage.