Groundhog Day!

In true sporting Whippet fashion, Zoom claimed our new house as a hunting ground. He is most proud of his first catch, a female groundhog. These creatures don’t live anywhere else we have lived (prior to coming to Ohio), so he had never seen one before. I came around the corner in the back yard just in time to see him make the kill. Zoom also turned seven years old this month, and is looking as wonderful as he ever has. I just love this hound. He is the quiet ruler and king of the house.


To Take An Old Hound Out Again


To take an old hound out again
Is to see him light up from within
I watch him quiver with familiar delight
As open fields meet new daylight
His black eyes shine a hint of blue
Yet still they see my soul straight through
Soft edges instead on what before
Was once a lithe and cutting form
Still there I see an ageless grace
In movement -in repose- in that face
Silken ears surround the spot upon
His perfumed head and just beyond
That soft warm comfort I cried into
All those years, yet still far too few
The lure hums its mundane tune
He waits for Tally-Ho, then zoom!
My heart leaps about my chest
An old dog needs his comfort and rest
Yet as he flies across the green
My tears flow down in a steady stream
Nothing is more fitting than this
An old hound in his ultimate bliss
Familiar dancing in those eyes
We head home, contented sighs
My old hound snoozes for the ride
His glory restored, my heart full of pride

Poem by me, inspired by my heart dog, Rigby

The New Whippet Breed Standard!

Here’s a gem I wrote in high school in the 1990s, inspired by my beloved Rigby.

The “New” Whippet Breed Standard

General Appearance: An animal of extreme grace, unless running anywhere near something expensive. The general appearance of a whippet is that of a raised bump underneath the sheets and covers of your freshly made bed.

Eyes: The eyes are the most important feature of the breed. They can be any colour, though Whippets prefer to have dark eyes, as these are more useful for conning their servants out of the best food and softest bedding. However, Whippets can manipulate their servants in many other ways.

Nose: Cold, wet, long and shocking when it unexpectedly makes contact with the Whippet’s servant’s bare thigh.

Feet and Legs: Sharp, long and unbendable. Really good Whippet feet and legs can drive an adult man off the bed, or render him unable to breathe, with all four of the Whippet’s feet pressing into his stomach. A well-bred whippet also will impale armpits, eyes, mouths and other sensitive areas with his feet, while sleeping in his servants’s bed.

Body: The Whippet’s body is generally either blurry in motion, or flat on it’s side. It is acceptable for the Whippet to rest on his back, with his feet straight in the air – remember the legs are not to bend and allow any room or comfort for the human.

Teeth: The Whippet has very special teeth and cannot eat regular food. If you wouldn’t eat it, neither will the Whippet.

Ears: Ideally, these resemble those of a bat when the Whippet goes for car rides and the window is open. Whippets are deaf at all times, except their scheduled dinner time.

Movement: Little as possible.

Color: Whatever color your bedspread is, so will be the lump curled up underneath of it.

Temperament: Whimsical, stubborn, manipulative, lazy and all together wonderful.

Disqualifications: Failure to disobey at least twice a day, sigh loudly with disgust at least three times a day, and to take up more room in the bed than two people, shall disqualify.


A Day at the Lake

Fontana and Willow got to go to the lake today. Lake Milton is just beautiful, and Fontana showed she might be a heck of a dock diver or agility dog some day. She is incredibly athletic.

She also got to practice retrieving with her wood duck dummy, and she (of course) loved it.

Not to be out done, Willow had a great time being a puppy and practicing her swimming and running and leaping.

Zoom was quite the sport today, too. He even jumped off the dock in below freezing temps. Not to worry, he tore around for a  good hour after that, and rolled in the grass in the sunshine.

In addition to Lake Milton, we visited another smaller lake. Everything we saw was just gorgeous. Ohio has a lot of beauty to it. We had a truly wonderful day in nature today.