Vindi at Seven/Eight Weeks!

Mr Vindi is very handsome and SO MUCH fun! Although he’s “ass-high” and appears straight in the rear right now, I know it’s just a phase puppies have. He should grow to resemble his mom and dad in this area (both beautiful). He got groomed/blow-dried today, and he was a most excellent (wild) boy. Here he is stacked at almost 8 weeks. He also enjoyed some leash training and outdoor play time. He’s sooo bold and fearless and fun!


Poet at 4 months!

Genius puppy knows take/hold, sit, down, stay, baby heelwork, and a nice stand/stay and show off command. He is such fun to train! I love his rear, topline, body, tail, head, and neck. He has nice bone, and his front is acceptable and stands to improve as matures. He moves soundly and is joy to work with. He is an awesome Whippet boy. His first shows will be this fall. He loves the lure, so next summer he can begin his coursing career.


Poet Update

Poet the Whippet is four months old this week! He has entered the awkward phase of puppyhood to be certain, but his beauty is still obvious. His head shows so much promise of being beautiful and elegant, while also masculine, and with dramatic underjaw. He’s curvy, classic in type, and sound coming and going. His brindle is striking and beautiful, and it’s usually the first thing anyone comments on when I have him out socializing.


Poet has also got classic Whippet temperament. He’s cuddly and snuggly and sweet with us, aloof but politely friendly with strangers, always seeking creature comforts, playful and wild and hot on the lure, all while being a typical laid back Whippet dude over all. Amazingly, he doesn’t have a even a hint of the typical Whippet separation anxiety that so affects much of the breed. Other than a bit of normal puppy whining (and a definite preference for sleeping in the bed with humans!) he’s been no trouble at all. He was an absolute breeze to leash train, and he also picked up basic obedience incredibly quickly. I’m not sure I have owned a Whippet with quite so much drive and quickness to learn obedience. He reminds me much more of training one of my shepherds or retrievers, in some ways. We are extremely interested in pursuing obedience with him as a result. Additionally, of course, we plan to do running sports and conformation with him. If all goes as planned, he may eventually be bred. In the mean time, we will keep enjoying raising and training him, and see where it all leads.

Willow Obedience Practice at 8 Months Old

Very proud of my girl! We hope to go for our CD title this spring/summer. The issue now is that I think she may come in season soon, and bitches in season cannot compete. AKC obedience trials are all pre-entry by several weeks, meaning I’d lose my entry fee if she came in season after I entered, but before the trail. This is hugely disappointing to me, but I know we will get our chance soon. Here is today’s practice session. We have been training three or four times every day, and she has done amazingly well!