DOB: May 15, 2015

Sire: Gordon Von Diakhoff CGC (Pedigree of Jupitor)

Dam: Sable Czech/German working lines (name not disclosed to us)

Anka is Scottie’s heart dog. She is a beautiful, driven, athletic, loving, loyal, and fun dog. She would lay her life down for him in an instant. She lives for their training, flirt pole, fetch, and play sessions, but she also loves to cuddle. Anka is a very capable bitch, despite of being in fairly rough shape when we “rescued” her off of Craigslist. We hoped to condition her, train her, and find her a suitable home. This sort of dog isn’t meant to be sold for $150 on Craigslist. However, once Scottie got to know what this type of dog is like, we knew there was no way she was leaving.

Through the wonders of the dog community, we actually located her breeder. Although she had been the result of an accidental breeding between her sire and a bitch whose breeder never provided her papers, the breeder truly does care, and has been so relieved and happy to see her in a good, caring home with people who know and appreciate what Anka truly is.

Welcome to the pack sweetheart. You’re home!