This blog dedicated to my heart dog, Rigby (9/6/97 – 3/11/14); without him, there would be no me.


My name is Jenna Coleman, and my life is gone to the dogs. For over 20 years, I have been involved in breeding, showing, training, raising, rescuing, handling, conditioning, and of course, adoring dogs of a variety of breeds. Most of my experience is with sighthounds (Greyhounds, Borzoi, Salukis, Whippets, and Basenjis), Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and German Shepherd Dogs. I have worked in two professional Greyhound racing kennels in two different states, too.

At this time, I own one amazing Whippet, and two awesome Golden Retriever girls, as well as co-owning two other Golden Retriever females, and a male Borzoi. Each of these animals has, or currently does, or soon will compete in dog events, work as a service dog, or be used for breeding in our Windridge Golden Retriever breeding program. Above all, they are beloved companions and friends.

I co-own my performance and breeding dogs with my best friend, Scottie Westfall (the Retrieverman) who has a very similar vision to mine of what the ideal Golden Retriever ought to be.

In addition to the dogs and everything to do with them, I enjoy drawing pet portraits and wildlife, writing in this blog and elsewhere, listening to a wide variety of music, hiking and walking in the woods, and chilling with my partner catching up on our favorite shows. I’m also an extremely left-wing progressive who loves to read. Health issues took me from my life for quite a while, but I’m slowly but surely getting it back.

Once a year or so, I have a litter. Puppies are claimed well in advance of the litter being bred, but we sometimes have a spot available on our litter waiting list. If you’re planning well ahead, feel free to contact me about being added to one of our litter lists. Puppies are well-socialized, home-raised, and every single puppy home stays in routine contact with me and with each-other.

Thanks for visiting!