Getting There


I’m so blessed to be part of the American show-line German Shepherd Dog community. It’s been like no other breed I have been involved with. Sure, people argue, bicker, or just don’t care for each-other now and then. They’re human, after all. That said, the community has welcomed me in a friendly, casual, and truly helpful way. Friends I have made online have sent me helpful tips, endless emotional support, advice, and good humor. Friends I now know in real life have done the same. These people are not uptight. They are not like some of the other breed communities I have been involved with.

All of this is to say that I couldn’t be more excited for Quest and I to attend our first AKC all-breed show together soon. We are practicing a lot, but always keeping it fun. His motto is, “If you’ll throw the ball, or give me some love, I’m ready to try anything!” He’s the sweetest, best puppy, and nothing could change my mind, whether he wins big, or not at all.

I’m beyond thrilled with his type, movement, structure, and everything physical. I’m even more delighted with his mind. I never thought I’d get another best friend, sidekick, world class dream dog. I had mine. But now I have another. My boys, Rigby and Quest will never meet. And while they couldn’t be more different in some ways, or more alike in others.

Although I cannot wait to see where it all takes us, for once in my life I’m learning just how precious the whole journey is.




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