It’s Good to Be Back

The Saluki has always had my heart.

When I was a small child, I had an imaginary friend. She was a pure white Saluki named Saphire. She had blue eyes. I was only five, so forgive me!

Years later, I had several of various origins, but as they passed on, or got adopted (many were Elektra situation rescues), I let the breed go for a while. Many in the community were quite unpleasant. And many of those rescues had taken pieces of my heart with them. I saw things that no young person should ever see- no person at all, really.

Months, years, a decade passed.

I was sitting in my Canfield, OH temporary motel residence this past Spring, when my frend told me I should contact Shiri Hoshen about some real desert bred, amazing Saluki puppies that she was planning.

Maybe. I’d be moved before they were born and ready.

So maybe. I guess.

“Did you contact Shiri, yet?” my friend asked.

Okay, fine. I’ll do it. I did it. I talked to Shiri, and she was lovely. The two parent dogs were and are amazing and beautiful. I recognized animals behind them that I’d admired in the past.

But, was I ready to let this breed back into my life, to open that raw wound again?

Months passed, and puppies arrived. Silver brindle boys struck me. They were so, so, so beautiful. It wasn’t long before I lost myself in the excitement and joy of bringing home one of these special, primitive, beautiful, elegant, and truly magical hounds back into my home and my heart.  They are not German Shepherds, or even Whippets. They fill a different space in one’s life. When I say jump, Quest wants to know how high, and if I’m coming. Streamer wants to know why, and if I’ll go first to test the waters. He’s a companion whose affection and trust is earned, not bought or demanded or assumed.

I must have done something right, because he is utterly and completely mine, and mine alone. His eyes are wise and knowing, far beyond his tender age. The wisdom of a thousands years and then some is deep in his breeding and his quick mind. He is already royalty and devotion and elegance and power and speed.

I’ve let him in, and he’s let me in.

I once again belong to the companion of kings, the dog of the desert, of the Saluki.

I’m so thankful, both to his breeder, and to my friend who prodded me just enough to get me to reach out. Streamer and I have many adventures ahead, and it’s so good to have this part of my heart and soul full again.

Hoshen’s Strike in Flight at Windridge:


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