A Brown Small Puppy and a Great Big Show!

Last week my darling, beautiful, sweet little Quest went off for an adventure. His breeder offered to take him to the German Shepherd Dog Club of American national speciality show in St Louis. The show was just days before Quest’s six month birthday, so he’d be shown in the baby puppy class. This was exciting news to me. I knew that with his stable, wonderful temperament, he’d have no trouble with the journey, the crowds, or the show itself. I figured it would be a good experience for my future hopeful. While I was disappointed I couldn’t go with him, I knew he was in the best hands he could ever be in with Anya, his breeder at Hammersmith German Shepherd Dogs.

All of this was exciting enough, and then I realized that the judge was none other than James Moses. Yes, that James Moses! The handler and breeder of so many incredible GSDs, including dogs like Dallas that are behind Quest himself. There’s no one whose opinion of my puppy I could possibly value more, at least not from a conformation, movement, and show perspective. We all know that *I* already think Quest is perfect!

We waited for weeks, conditioning him and working with him. I gave up on getting that perfect stack, but was assured it was fine, since he’s just a baby. We did, however, get him moving very well, totally perfectly leash trained, and we got him quite fit and in great condition. Scottie and I played ball with him and took him for tons of walks. He already was used to travel, and loved the car.

The big day arrived, and we met Anya late the night before she was to leave for her long drive. She also was amazing enougn to transport my then-foster dog, Killian, to his new owners too! More about him in another post.

Days went by, and we enjoyed hearing about his antics, and how much fun he was having playing with his litter brother, his mom, and all his new friends at the dog show. On the day he was meant to show in the national, I had all kinds of life stuff going on. Scottie was doing laundry or something equally unexciting, and I was cleaning house, washing dishes, and running dogs.

Pat, an Aussie person and friend of Anya’s, had agreed to show Quest, since handlers like Anya cannot show in that particular class. Pat had worked hard with Quest since they met on this trip, and they were a great team. I didn’t particularly expect him to win anything. His class was big, many other puppies, all of them beautiful.

After washing a large load of dishes, I sat down to rest my back. Pat had messaged me and told me I should check Anya’s wall on Facebook if I had a chance. I clicked over to her wall, figuring I’d get a run down on puppy antics and good “puppies-first-show” experiences. Well, I was wrong.

Quest had placed 2nd in his large class, and his brother Clavo had placed 3rd!

This may not sound like much to some people, but at the breed national, and under a judge like this, and in a good sized class- this is a BIG deal. I will admit, I got a little bit teary eyed. Then the happy bragging and sharing began, along with the count down to picking up my sweet, silly boy a few days later. To add to the excitement, his prize was a good sized, shiny, beautiful silver trophy!

I will never forget the few hours after his win. It remidned me a lot of my heart dog Rigby’s big first show weekend. I was still beaming when we picked Quest up a few days ago. He was very happy to see me, and the feeling was mutual. His trophy shall forever be prized by me, as well as serving as a reminder of good friends and good memories, even if I couldn’t be there.

I want to take the time to thank everyone who made it possible- Anya of course. Pat for showing him and putting up with my cluelessness and my spoiled puppy, and Scottie for always being the best, and most supportive.

I can’t wait to see what my little brown (sable) puppy can do from here… the future looks very bright, indeed.


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