The Prime of Life with Zoom

Image may contain: tree, dog, outdoor and nature

Zoom turned seven years old in June, and it is hard for me to imagine he is officially a veteran. Technically, he can enter this class at lure coursing and conformation events. That said, he’s a typical seven year old Whippet in the prime of his life. This photo was taken just yesterday. Zoom remains as beautiful, fit, fun, driven, and spoiled as ever. The climate here being much friendlier, his pigment has actually darkened as, ironically, we are able to be outside and get much more sunlight here than we could in the humid, awful climate of Florida. Daily, or nearly daily, flirt pole sessions with me or Scottie have him in ripped, muscular condition that rivals any shape he was ever in. Like a fine wine, Zoom only gets better with age, as he slips into the phase of life where dogs are perfect. They become like your most comfortable chair, or your favorite pair of shoes. He is retired from most of his duties, but he still loves to work when given the chance, and he’s still hoping to finish that ASFA coursing title and that BCAT. Here’s to many more years with this striking, handsome, perfectly trained canine friend and athlete.

Image may contain: tree, outdoor and nature


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