Of Dreams and Hero Dogs

Sometimes dreams come true. My life is a shining example of that lately, in many ways. However, this post is about my sweet, beautiful, noble, stable, confident, kind, intelligent, and all together wonderful puppy. Quest is a gorgeous example of a German Shepherd Dog. Some people prefer one type or another, but few could deny his quality. I waited a decade to own a dog if this style, and I never really fathomed getting one of this level of breeding and type and soundness. Like his angles or not, the dog never puts a foot down wrong. Every where I go, I get asked where I got him. People know on sight that he something special, something valuable, something unique. My own nine year old is here to visit, and called him a “fancy one, exotic!” with no prompting, when he arrived. However, Quest’s worth certainly exceeds any dollar amount that such a well-bred animal from champion, health tested parents would fetch.

There’s something in the way he looks at me. Something in the way he “talks” to me, announcing to the world his pure joy in interacting with his beloved human. There’s something in the way he sends chills down my spine and makes my neck hairs stand on end when he moves. There’s something in the way he faces the entire world with confidence and calm that shoots up the leash and fills me with peace and security, already. There’s something about the way he listens to my worries and laughs along with my jokes, and looks at me with his massive, currently-silly puppy “cone-head” ears. I find myself missing him when he’s not with me. He’s what dreams are made of, and he’s the rare dream that is better than one even imagined.

I can, and will, brag that he already knows sit, down, stay, come, baby show training, baby take (hold comes soon, as teeth mature!), and was leash trained the first time I tried leashing him at 8 weeks. I can, and will, brag how he rides perfectly in the car, has never showed fear or over stimulation about anything, loves the flirt pole, loves to cuddle, and slept through the night his first night home. He’s beautiful. He’s breath-taking. But there’s something about this puppy that I can’t even describe.

He wasn’t even the one I originally thought I would get from the litter, but now I cannot imagine my life without him. He sparkled so brightly at six weeks that I never even imagined I’d get to own him. I cannot thank his breeder enough for the chance to do so. I was broken about my Willow, but she’s where she needs to be, and now I have my dream dog. I cannot wait to see where our adventure, our quest, takes us. Whatever life throws my way, I have a hero dog to lead the way and have my back.



2 thoughts on “Of Dreams and Hero Dogs

  1. He’s such a nice dog. He has great nerves and a solid temperament. He’s friendly without being a total moron. He’s so focused for such a young pup. He has the eyes of a three-year-old dog and expression of a trained samurai, still and focused but relaxed and gentle juxtaposed with ready and willing.


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