Honesty is Bad! UPDATE

***EDIT to say we are thrilled that our phone call to OFA today revealed that Andi indeed was graded “fair” hips and normal elbows, which are both passing scores! She is still going to her pet home and will be spayed after her first heat cycle, but naturally we are pleased she passed her OFA prelims!****

I was amused today to find out that I’m being discussed in one of the many ignorant groups of self-proclaimed “dog snobs” online. They are young, silly, petty, and inexperienced in both life and dogs, but cause a lot of pain to many people. That said, I can mostly laugh it off any more. My reputation and my dogs speak for themselves, and my life is largely unaffected by the attempts they make at internet abuse.

When I first saw the latest screen-shots (that well-meaning friends send me when they see I am being trashed in one of those groups), I admit I laughed. However, the current thing I am being shit-talked for is health testing my dogs, and admitting one of them has hip X-rays that, while not awful, are not as good as I’d like to see. She has no issues whatsoever, and will lead a normal life. Any day now, I may find out she even actually passed her OFA hip pre-lim evaluation. Her hips are very close to being passing grade, if they are not actually good enough to pass. But, regardless, even if she had horrific hip dysplasia, I wouldn’t lie about it.

So, wait a minute. Let us review what is happening.

I’m being roasted because I health test my dogs, and I’m honest about the results. 

I’m being roasted for having such high standards for health and temperament that I placed a dog I had high hopes for in a pet home, as she’s just not quite what I think is ideal in a couple of areas.

And we wonder why breeders lie about and hide health and temperament issues?

Let that sink in. We want to hold each other accountable, sure. Does this mean when someone does the right thing that we should shame them and make them regret that noble act?

Do any of these Mean Girl bitches actually think the breeders of the show style animals they prefer have never once produced a dog with fair or borderline hips? Is there a point to their bullshit?

The advertisement I posted to find a home for Andi mentioned that she is only 35 pounds (a fact) and, I said, in quotes, that she was a “mini-golden” of sorts. This was merely light hearted honesty about the dog’s actual size. She was not bred with any intent of producing miniature goldens, so posting such in dog groups online is libel. It was stated that I breed dysplastic miniature Goldens. This is patently untrue.

That being said, I have no issue with purposely breeding small, beautiful, healthy, awesome companion or sport golden retrievers, and I may even attempt to do so in the future. It’s just that taking an honest, caring breeder’s post about making a mature and difficult and ethical choice for a loved animal, and shaming that person with misleading lies, is disgusting.

It’s fucking disgusting, and it’s why breeders hide health test results, justify awful temperaments, and generally feel like they have to lie.

The cycle of back stabbing and nothing actually changing just continues, while the breeders who simply brush things under the rug or lie remain exalted heroes. In the mean time, Andi is headed to a repeat client in California, where her name “I’ll Show You The Stars” couldn’t be more fitting for a former NASA employee.

I have integrity, and I’m never going to be sorry about that, however hard anyone may try to make me wish I didn’t.




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