Meeting Rosie

This is Rosie. She is a rescued Golden Retriever from unknown origins. What’s interesting about Rosie is that she is about the same size as Willow, only she is a mature adult in full coat (and spayed, so not having coat cycles like an intact bitch). She is healthy, nice pet condition, and immaculately kept and groomed. In extra working-dog lean shape, she’d probably be about exactly the same as Willow at maturity- 40 pounds at most. I’m fascinated that, when kept as nicely as Rosie is kept, most “random bred” goldens do tend to be pretty small. They were never intended to be massive.

The larger ones, kept lean, make impressive pets, and are better for some forms of service work. Certainly, they don’t hurt anything by existing. That said, I do love my little “pocket rocket” Goldens, and I’m always interested when I encounter another one.

On a more personal note, it was lovely to meet Rosie and to spend some more time with her very kind and thoughtful owner. Thanks, Jen!


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