Fontana Turns 16 Months


It’s hard to believe she is so grown up, but our beautiful athletic Fontana (Windridge Love Is All You Need) is 16 months old. She was the 8th puppy born, after six boys and one other girl (Kalani – Windridge Love Trumps Hate). I was discouraged, thinking that my two wonderful homes wanting a female were not going to be able to get one, and that I would only have one female to choose from myself, if I even kept one at all. Then, next thing I know, Flirt gave me two more girls: Fontana and Heartly (Windridge Be Still My Heart). Everyone got exactly what was wanted.

Fontana has had a long and slow period of maturing, both mentally and physically, but we saw her potential and she has lived up to it. She grew into herself, and she found her confidence. Now, at this age, she is a gorgeous, balanced bitch and a wonderful companion and friend. She is due for her second heat cycle this summer (she will not be bred that cycle), and then going on to have her first litter on her third cycle. After that, she will most likely be competing for her UKC conformation title and a few performance titles.

Today, she got groomed and bathed for a photo session to celebrate. She remains the perfect house dog, calm and affectionate without being rude. She’s always ready retrieve or cuddle, whichever you prefer.

We are so glad to share our lives with this wonderful dog- love is all you need!


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