You’re a Terrible Dog Owner

But, that’s okay, because so am I! We all do something (or many things) that some dog snob or another will hate. I’ve been told in the same day that the same animal’s nails were too short, and also too long by yet another dog person. I know pet owners who wear the fact their dogs are overweight, poorly groomed, and have talon nails as almost a sick sort of badge of honor. I know sport dog owners (guilty) who are incredibly proud of having impeccably groomed, fit animals with manicured nails. I know owners totally fine with the fact that their dog has poor manners, or even folks who seem to enjoy it. I know trainers who take immense pride in their dogs’ high level of training and impulse control. And, of course, everything in between all of those extremes exists. We can argue about food, age to alter, how to train, type with-in a breed that we prefer, which dog sport is worthy, and every other thing. However, I wish we would spend more time enjoying our dogs, possibly admitting our short comings, and recognizing that some things just are not getting worked up over. I mean, it’s hard for me to even write the above without my obviously strong opinions seeping through in my words. Passion and love for the dogs is a good thing, but not when it ends up dividing us.

One thing I did recently that brought mostly smiles, but some harsh comments, was take my dogs through the McDonald’s drive-thru. It’s laughable that anyone who knows me at all would think my animals would ever be overweight, but I got those comments, as well as that I’m going to make my dogs sick, or just that fast food is terrible for anyone. Well, sure it is. But, that doesn’t mean my dogs and I are not going to enjoy it now and then.

What’s YOUR hot button issue? I know that mine would be overweight dogs and pediatric altering. I’ll go so far as to say I won’t knowingly sell a puppy to a person that would allow either thing to happen. But, at the end of the day, barring it being damaging to the animal’s health, there’s more important things to worry about. It’s certainly not worth alienating a buyer and losing touch with the puppy. I’m also incredibly easy going about certain other things that make other people crazy, especially brand/type of food (I don’t breed dogs with allergies and weak stomachs, and I really don’t care what you feed), and training methods (I know what works, but as long as you’re not blatantly abusing the dog, I’m not going to lose sleep or start a fight over your training tool of choice. I’m more likely to get upset if you simply don’t train the dog to be a well-mannered canine citizen at all).

The point here is that we all have our hang ups, and we’re really divided as a community because of a lot of them. At the end of the day, we all go home and love our dogs, or we wouldn’t be reading or blogging or fighting about them on the internet. I’m hoping I can learn to relax even more than I have over the years, which will only bring more joy to my own life.

On that note, enjoy pictures of Zoom and Willow treasuring the fact that I’m a terrible dog owner ❤



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