To Take An Old Hound Out Again


To take an old hound out again
Is to see him light up from within
I watch him quiver with familiar delight
As open fields meet new daylight
His black eyes shine a hint of blue
Yet still they see my soul straight through
Soft edges instead on what before
Was once a lithe and cutting form
Still there I see an ageless grace
In movement -in repose- in that face
Silken ears surround the spot upon
His perfumed head and just beyond
That soft warm comfort I cried into
All those years, yet still far too few
The lure hums its mundane tune
He waits for Tally-Ho, then zoom!
My heart leaps about my chest
An old dog needs his comfort and rest
Yet as he flies across the green
My tears flow down in a steady stream
Nothing is more fitting than this
An old hound in his ultimate bliss
Familiar dancing in those eyes
We head home, contented sighs
My old hound snoozes for the ride
His glory restored, my heart full of pride

Poem by me, inspired by my heart dog, Rigby


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