Flipping the Switch


Something clicked in my sweet Willow’s retriever brain, and she has become wildly enthusiastic about the bringy-backy game. It doesn’t matter if it’s freezing cold outside; she’s ready to go and get the thing. She is eight months old now, and I couldn’t be happier with her in general. she’s beautiful, clever, and sound. However, it was amazing to see her brain turn on to what she is most meant to do, as a Golden Retriever.

Recently, I had access to a vehicle and enjoyed taking my dogs to Lake Milton many times to swim, play, and retrieve. It was on one such visit that Willow “turned on” to retrieving, even in cold water, and off of a dock. She saw the water, and was literally pointing! Shortly after this, I threw a stock off the dock, and she vocalized with excitement.

She did several nice retrieves of a large stick, and she made she to get it to me, even with other dogs trying to take it and distracting her.

She’s been doing really well with obedience work also, of course. I’ll be updating about that later. I see lots of fun things in my future with my sweet little Willow. It’s also worth noting that she is only 32 pounds as of today!








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