Andi Update at 8 Months

Little Andi is 8 months old now, and she’s really thriving. She’s gotten incredibly fit in the last couple of weeks, with tons of hiking and swimming and playing. Sometimes she does silly things with her ears, and I’m hoping she settles back into her angles as she matures, but I’m pretty pleased with her. Her bite is correct, pigment is stunning, and her rear and movement over all is incredibly sound. She’s tiny like her sister Willow, and she’s fast and clever. She’s bubbly and happy, and extremely oral, like her mom Flirt. Unlike her mother, she’s not one to mouth you, or totally lose her mind with joy, but she likes the whole family a lot, and she enjoys cuddles. She’s particularly fond of Courtney, and is very gentle and sweet with her. She has no separation issues, and is perfectly housebroken and well mannered. Andi is generally found with a toy in her mouth, and her smile, sparkling eyes, and blond curls win her friends everywhere she goes. Her drive to hold and carry is wonderful, but her retrieving drive (outdoors anyway) is rather poor. I’m hoping some one on one time with her, without other dogs trying to get in the way, will correct this. Certainly she has the potential for therapy work, obedience, agility, and conformation showing in UKC. Here are some recent photos of Andi from the last week or so.



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