Happy Birthday Ian!

Nine years ago today, a kind hearted, intelligent, compassionate, clever, and truly good young human entered the world. My son, Ian, who brings to anyone lucky enough to know him, arrived quickly and smoothly that afternoon. Not surprisingly, he is very fond of dogs. When he comes to visit me, playing with puppies and training the adult dogs with me are some of his favorite things to do. For his birthday we gave him a fantastic gift. This very book, or a much older version of it, inspired a great deal of my own love for dogs and academic interest in them at his age. I hope he will enjoy it, too.


One thought on “Happy Birthday Ian!

  1. I happen to be one of the lucky humans that has gotten to know this young man and he is truly compassionate, polite, inquisitive, out spoken, out going, happy, fun, funny, intelligent, loving….I could go on and on!!!! What an amazing human!! Thank you Jenna for being in my life and sharing yourself and the most wonderful parts of you including this special young man. I know his awesomeness is no accident!!


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