Imagine a World Without Dogs

Sounds extreme, right? But, is it?

Ohio might pass high-volume breeder laws. Might. This sounds okay, right? I mean, nobody likes those nasty puppy mills. They are full of hundreds of poorly bred, unhealthy, filthy dogs and puppies, right? All of us who breed, show, train, rescue, and love dogs certainly would be happy to find there are no more neglected dogs. It’s that simple, right? Wrong.

This law seems more and more hideous as one explores the pages of the PDF I have included below. It considers anyone with eight intact dogs to be a high volume breeder. Eight isn’t really that many, when one considers that a breeder may have a few retired pets, and a few breeding animals, and a couple of up-and-coming young dogs. One might not alter retired dogs, since science and studies show that it’s actually terrible for them. And WE LOVE them. So we make choices for them that are based on love and education and science.

This law also states that puppies need to be raised on a surface like concrete. It can be bleached totally. But, who has a concrete room in their home? I like to raise my puppies in my house, with me, being socialized and constantly handled and loved on. And what’s this part that says that each dog needs an 18 square foot enclosure, and that those cannot be stacked. That means no more crates. Which means that even dogs that merely eat or sleep in crates, or only are crated in season, will have to be moved outside to kennel runs to follow this law. That sure sounds both unpleasant for your beloved house pet companions, but also awfully expensive and restrictive. Some people don’t own land, or could not afford to build a kennel. They put their money into their dogs and their dog-related hobbies, and their dogs live in their home as pets.

Laws like this one actually hurt those of us who love our dogs, and all dogs, the most. They hurt us way more than they hurt a truly high-volume breeder, who will simply expand his kennels.

Here is a copy of this nightmare: hb506_00_IN

Please, if you are in Ohio, or have friends who are, contact your representatives. Here is a link to do so:

If you are anywhere else, follow what is happening where you live. You could be next.

I don’t want to imagine a world without the dogs I love. I don’t want to imagine a generation that cannot purchase a beautiful, sound, stable, and loving companion for their families.

Let us forget our petty differences, perhaps, and fight for what we all love. The dogs.



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