Grooming Matters

Fontana is a gorgeous dog, and she only gets better as she matures. Yesterday I “show” groomed her. I thought it might be fun to compare photos taken before trimming, after trimming, and after both trimming and blow drying.

First, here she is early in the day on a walk:

She looks ruggedly beautiful to me in the above picture. However, grooming makes a difference, especially in real life. Setting up or stacking does too.

Here she is set up, brushed, but not bathed or trimmed (feet, pasterns, ears, tail) for a few weeks:

Now, here she is the very next day (yesterday) trimmed, but not bathed yet:

And here she is a few hours later, bathed and fluff dried:

Here are more, with the flash:

Remember that whether you are calling a show dog overdone, or a working/pet dog weedy and bald, that grooming blurs the lines at times. I have a great time grooming my dogs, and I love them in fluffy or rugged form.


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