Growing Up; Fontana and Willow

Our Fontana had her first heat cycle at 11 months of age. Now, at almost 14 months old, she is rapidly maturing. Her chest has dropped, and she has the toned and sleek body of a true athlete. Her rear, shoulders, and loin are powerfully muscular, and she suddenly has the look of an adult and truly fit and conditioned dog. This is certainly as strong a case as any for not altering any dog before full maturity, though that is another discussion for another post.

We are very pleased with Fontana and her outstanding temperament, biddable nature, gentle kindness, retrieving and swimming drive, and of course, her type and structure.

My little Willow (and she truly is tiny!) is also maturing into such an amazing dog. She is only six months old, but I do not believe I have ever had a puppy who was such a quick study. I am incredibly proud of and delighted with these girls.

In recent days I was able to get quite a few nice pictures of them. Both girls are turning out so lovely and agile on top of easy to live with and fun to train and work.


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