Goodbye is not Forever

Andi has been placed in a wonderful breeding/working/companion home. She will be residing in West Virginia with Veronica and family. Her new “sister” is a Golden close in age who, due to a genetic condition, can no longer be trained as a working dog. Andi will have big paw prints to fill, but we think she can do it! Later, I will get two puppies back from Andi, so I have not lost her gorgeous structure and type in my breeding program. I feel sad, but it’s bittersweet. Sending a wonderful home-bred puppy off to a great home is an amazing feeling. I will be pet sitting her in May and June, so look for pictures and updates both then and before then from her new family. Congrats Veronica, and welcome to the Windridge family! Here is the meeting between Andi (left) and her new sister Sailor (sitting, right).


Meanwhile, I will be focusing a lot on Willow and her training. She is simply amazing.


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