She’s Got “It”

Willow is a very special puppy. Now, it’s not a secret that I suffer from some significant mental health issues. I don’t hide it. For one, I’m sick and tired of the world’s stigma against the mentally ill. We shouldn’t be ashamed. We aren’t at fault. We can’t control it any more than a diabetic can control having diabetes. That said, I’m going to explain what this magical puppy did for me recently.

Recently, though my life is vastly improved in many ways, I have had some difficult things to deal with. My BPD has flared, among other issues. A few days ago, this looked like me lashing out at someone who definitely did NOT deserve it, and the resulting guilt and self hatred I had. Soon, a full fledged break-down followed. The entire time, sweet five month old Willow kept her self wrapped around my back, with her head on my shoulder, pressed into my tear-stained face. She watched me with concern and love. I didn’t notice at the time, but a friend witnessed the whole thing.

The episode grew worse, and I was reduced to sobbing incoherently, and Willow laid across me, on me, and beside me, 100% by her own choice. My crying and panic did not frighten her. She remained intuitive yet perfectly calm and attentive. This dog is everything I would want in a prospect for psychiatric service work. I couldn’t be more proud or thankful that she is in our lives. I don’t  know what our plans for her will ultimately end up being, but I can tell you that she isn’t going anywhere!



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