Andi and Willow are Four Months Old!

Over the last few days, I have gotten some nice photos of the girls. Scottie’s girl Willow, and my girl Andi, are both looking lovely in their own ways.

First,  here is Andi. I love her balance, angles, head type, and her spunky personality. She wants to do all the things, and wants to go with me and work and learn. She is sassy and demanding, affectionate, and a bit free spirited. She is very much like her mother, with a slightly prettier head. more coat, more pigment, and a better front assembly!

Andromeda (Andi) – Windridge I’ll Show You The Stars:


And Willow is also lovelly. She is built more like her mother, and with a rather “tweedy” type of head and look about her. She is super fast and athletic, very biddable and gentle and loving, and wants to be quietly and affectionately with you most of the time. She is a lot like Fontana,  and the two of them are usually together. We love her eyes,  expression, color, light bone,  leggy build, and wonderful temperament. She has natural retrieving drive, too.

Willow – Windridge Wild Mountain Time:


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