Poet Update

Poet the Whippet is four months old this week! He has entered the awkward phase of puppyhood to be certain, but his beauty is still obvious. His head shows so much promise of being beautiful and elegant, while also masculine, and with dramatic underjaw. He’s curvy, classic in type, and sound coming and going. His brindle is striking and beautiful, and it’s usually the first thing anyone comments on when I have him out socializing.


Poet has also got classic Whippet temperament. He’s cuddly and snuggly and sweet with us, aloof but politely friendly with strangers, always seeking creature comforts, playful and wild and hot on the lure, all while being a typical laid back Whippet dude over all. Amazingly, he doesn’t have a even a hint of the typical Whippet separation anxiety that so affects much of the breed. Other than a bit of normal puppy whining (and a definite preference for sleeping in the bed with humans!) he’s been no trouble at all. He was an absolute breeze to leash train, and he also picked up basic obedience incredibly quickly. I’m not sure I have owned a Whippet with quite so much drive and quickness to learn obedience. He reminds me much more of training one of my shepherds or retrievers, in some ways. We are extremely interested in pursuing obedience with him as a result. Additionally, of course, we plan to do running sports and conformation with him. If all goes as planned, he may eventually be bred. In the mean time, we will keep enjoying raising and training him, and see where it all leads.


The Prime of Life with Zoom

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Zoom turned seven years old in June, and it is hard for me to imagine he is officially a veteran. Technically, he can enter this class at lure coursing and conformation events. That said, he’s a typical seven year old Whippet in the prime of his life. This photo was taken just yesterday. Zoom remains as beautiful, fit, fun, driven, and spoiled as ever. The climate here being much friendlier, his pigment has actually darkened as, ironically, we are able to be outside and get much more sunlight here than we could in the humid, awful climate of Florida. Daily, or nearly daily, flirt pole sessions with me or Scottie have him in ripped, muscular condition that rivals any shape he was ever in. Like a fine wine, Zoom only gets better with age, as he slips into the phase of life where dogs are perfect. They become like your most comfortable chair, or your favorite pair of shoes. He is retired from most of his duties, but he still loves to work when given the chance, and he’s still hoping to finish that ASFA coursing title and that BCAT. Here’s to many more years with this striking, handsome, perfectly trained canine friend and athlete.

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Of Dreams and Hero Dogs

Sometimes dreams come true. My life is a shining example of that lately, in many ways. However, this post is about my sweet, beautiful, noble, stable, confident, kind, intelligent, and all together wonderful puppy. Quest is a gorgeous example of a German Shepherd Dog. Some people prefer one type or another, but few could deny his quality. I waited a decade to own a dog if this style, and I never really fathomed getting one of this level of breeding and type and soundness. Like his angles or not, the dog never puts a foot down wrong. Every where I go, I get asked where I got him. People know on sight that he something special, something valuable, something unique. My own nine year old is here to visit, and called him a “fancy one, exotic!” with no prompting, when he arrived. However, Quest’s worth certainly exceeds any dollar amount that such a well-bred animal from champion, health tested parents would fetch.

There’s something in the way he looks at me. Something in the way he “talks” to me, announcing to the world his pure joy in interacting with his beloved human. There’s something in the way he sends chills down my spine and makes my neck hairs stand on end when he moves. There’s something in the way he faces the entire world with confidence and calm that shoots up the leash and fills me with peace and security, already. There’s something about the way he listens to my worries and laughs along with my jokes, and looks at me with his massive, currently-silly puppy “cone-head” ears. I find myself missing him when he’s not with me. He’s what dreams are made of, and he’s the rare dream that is better than one even imagined.

I can, and will, brag that he already knows sit, down, stay, come, baby show training, baby take (hold comes soon, as teeth mature!), and was leash trained the first time I tried leashing him at 8 weeks. I can, and will, brag how he rides perfectly in the car, has never showed fear or over stimulation about anything, loves the flirt pole, loves to cuddle, and slept through the night his first night home. He’s beautiful. He’s breath-taking. But there’s something about this puppy that I can’t even describe.

He wasn’t even the one I originally thought I would get from the litter, but now I cannot imagine my life without him. He sparkled so brightly at six weeks that I never even imagined I’d get to own him. I cannot thank his breeder enough for the chance to do so. I was broken about my Willow, but she’s where she needs to be, and now I have my dream dog. I cannot wait to see where our adventure, our quest, takes us. Whatever life throws my way, I have a hero dog to lead the way and have my back.


Welcome “Back To School” Litter!

Handsome, talented, and very well bred performance sire Rush and our beautiful Fontana welcomed their litter of seven gorgeous babies on 7-11! Naturally my favorite pup is already nick-named Slurpee. Fontana is a wonderful mother. Like her mother, Flirt, she easily free-whelped her gorgeous litter of strong, fat, healthy babies. They are rainbow of cream to darker golden. We have five boys and two girls, and at this time, there is one male available ($1500, full registration). For anyone interested, this is the sire: Rush’s Pedigree

Now for the fun part! Here are some of the beautiful photos I was lucky enough to capture of the puppies being born. No matter how many litters I whelp, I will never grow weary of the experience of bringing these animals into the world. They are full of hope, promise, and dreams. This is my first litter that is second generation my breeding. It is quite the emotional and beautiful joy to whelp a litter out of a bitch that was herself born into my hands.

Purple collar boy ate before his placenta was even out, or his cord bitten through:

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Blue collar girl makes her appearance:

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She then rested in my hand for a time, not yet aware she had entered the world:

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Light blue collar boy decided to come butt first:

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Our beautiful Fontana is a proud, wonderful mom! (dark blue collar girl is here, just under the other babies)

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Exciting Puppy News!

We are excited to announce that Fontana has been successfully bred to Rush, and puppies are expected mid July. There are a few slots open for high drive, fun, athletic, smaller golden retrievers, and also for more laid back but athletic pets.

Litter Pedigree: Fontana x Rush

Fontana is OFA preliminary good and normal elbows, Embark clear for all genetic diseases, heart check normal

Rush is OFA good and normal elbows, OFA heart, CERF eyes, and genetically clear of all diseases

Puppies are $1500 outright. Contact for details if interested in co-owning or breeding agreements for a significant discount.

Photos of Rush, who weighs about 50 to 55 pounds and is active, driven, and from world-class obedience, field, and agility super star lines:

Photos of Fontana, who weighs about 45 pounds and is gentle, relaxed, and cuddly:


Happy Endings

Big Ben got his forever home yesterday! Another successful foster/adoption of another great dog. This is something I love to do, and haven’t been able to do much of for a while. This dog was loved, but life changes meant he wasn’t getting the care and grooming and exercise he needed. Those days are over; he’s found his perfect person!